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Amal Singh - Right First Driving School

Amal Singh is a professional driving instructor and owner of Right First Driving School Ltd in Auckland. Prior to becoming a driving instructor, Amal worked in the other industry as an on job trainer, where he trained in all the different aspects of the business.

Amal continued to work as an on job trainer for the industry in NZ and after a great success as a industry trainer he then decided to branch out on his own, he has successfully owned and operated Right First Driving School Ltd since 2009.

Amal has taken Right First Driving school to a great level and made Right First Driving School the most popular and trusted driver training platform for new and young drivers in NZ.

M: 0211541745

Praneel Prakash (South Auckland)

“Nzta approved driving instructor,excellent driver with great safety records. Encyclopedic knowledge of traffic rules. Deeply familiar with local testing requirements, patient and dedicated to helping students perfect their skills. Always friendly and professional. Use duel control to ensure safe operation of the vehicle at all times.”

M: 0211855103

Praneel Prakash - Right First Driving School
DINLESH - Right First Driving School

DINLESH (East Auckland)

NZTA approved driving Instructor

Has a relaxed and confident manner when teaching and teaches practical skills related to all aspects of driving to help students develop confidence in their driving skills.

M: 0221060084

Robin Anthony (West Auckland)

NZTA approved driving Instructor
Has excellent knowledge of traffic rules and safe driving practices.
Holds up clean driving safety records and always willing to dedicate with patience to help communities with great and perfect skills.
Great teaching with confidence in all aspects and practical development in driving skills.
Always humble with great attitude, culture and professionalism.
Ensures safety is paramount at all times.

M: 0221675280

Robin Anthony
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